Comments ARE working but going to SPAM

Sorry button

Sorry button (Photo credit: ntr23)

Dear readers, if you comment, nothing will show up until I fish it out of spam.  I’ve been getting 100% false positives for a week now.  I am moving them from spam to approved every few hours and have opened a ticket with WordPress.

I’m so sorry. Please bear with me until I get it fixed.

UPDATE:  WordPress never got back to me. I contacted Akismet and they fixed very promptly. Akismet for the win!!!

8 thoughts on “Comments ARE working but going to SPAM

    • Oh, that’s interesting to hear. I had some real issues with another blog yesterday but hers was Blogger. I sure hope they fix it soon because I know it’s aggravating to the commenters and it’s aggravating to me to have to first flag the comment as “not spam” then “approve” them out of pending status. Oy!

  1. Strangely enough, I ‘ve been having issues with wordpress as well…
    First I couldn’t access the preview function, then my font/style thingiemajiggie disappeared so I had to write my post in html which was ‘super-stressful’ for me and my tech-challenged brain…
    But I’ve engaged the services of a new tech-guy to help me sort it out. He’s also giving my blog a makeover within the next few weeks…

    • This is obviously spam but I found it incredibly ironic and hilarious that a REAL spam comment went to spam on a post about all comments going to spam. I had to post it for that reason alone. Spammers with accidental zombie-like senses of humor. LOL

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