Blogging A to Z: “V” is for Vegas

Monte Carlo hotel (Las Vegas)

Monte Carlo hotel (Las Vegas) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…which is where I have been since Monday and will be until later tonight. Hallelujah for the ability to pre-schedule blog posts! Alas my visit is 100% for business though.

On the fun side, I’m also being interviewed at Aimee Laine’s blog today as part of The P.U.R.E.’s blog tour.  (Aren’t I clever, working my book’s name into nearly 26 days’ worth of posts. Yeah…I know. Sorry.)  If Aimee posts one of the questions I answered, V is also for vegetarians who might offended. That’s all I’m sayin’.

Aimee is the very talented author of Little White Lies, Hide & Seek and forthcoming sequel to Little White Lies called Surrender.

Without further ado, here’s the link to Aimee’s blog way over in North Carolina! Her posts are usually live around 8 AM Eastern.–>>AIMEE LAINE’S BLOG<<–Click me.


After you’re done at Aimee’s, be sure to visit more A to Z Blog Challenge participants today! Here’s where you can find their names and link to their blogs. The topics are endless.

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