#SixSunday — A Peek at Clockwork Nessie

Welcome to “Six Sentence Sunday”. Thank you for visiting and especially for any comments you might feel inclined to offer.

This six comes from my story in Conquest Through Determination, a steampunk-themed anthology from Pill Hill Press. My story is called “Clockwork Nessie” and features a strong-minded young woman named Lizzy. She has just discovered her recently departed father left behind a secret science lab on Dog Island in Loch Ness. She and her servant, Robert, rowed out to the island to investigate and have just arrived at the hunting lodge, which appears to be deserted.

A large sign affixed to its door said, “Closed until September 1.  Trespassers may be shot.”

“See, Miss.  We’d best clear out lest someone make good on yon threat.”

“Oh posh.  That’s to keep the riff-raff away, which is why it says ‘may be shot’.”

Be sure to check out the host site, Six Sentence Sunday, for links to more tantalizing snippets from some very talented writers.


20 thoughts on “#SixSunday — A Peek at Clockwork Nessie

    • Of course she’s going in! 🙂 Not yet on the Kindle book…sigh…they said it would be in a week or so. A week is today, but they usually do offer in ebook so not sure what the hold up is.

  1. “Trespassers may be shot”: I think I would take my chances too. ; ) I love the characters’ steampunk-esque dialect. Makes them more memorable, even from a six sentence teaser.

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