Conquest Through Determination Releases!!

Finally! “Clockwork Nessie” is published! I wrote this story over a year ago for another anthology that never got off the ground, withdrew it and resubmitted it. Pill Hill accepted it and finally, finally it’s published. The paperback format is available now at Amazon, but if you’re a Kindle person, give it another few days and that format will also be available. In the meantime, if you love steampunk, and I do, you might wanna give this one a read. I haven’t dug in myself yet but from what I understand there are a couple that are set in the old west, as in Wild, Wild, West! (used to love that show!)

Table of Contents:

  1. The Tragedy of Harland Ruby and Elvira Mynx (Katherine Simmons)
  2. Appomattox (David W. Landrum)
  3. Sternum Flint’s Mechanical Heart (Son Mitchell)
  4. Chitin and Coal (Jen Matteis)
  5. The Lure (Michael B. Fletcher)
  6. Dreamer, Wake Up, Wake Up (Magda Knight)
  7. Hell’s Black Birds (Miles Boothe)
  8. Gray Matter (Alexander B. Joy)
  9. Clockwork Nessie (Claire Gillian)
  10. Tangolandia (Gustavo Bondini)
  11. Museum Quality (Erin Shanendoah Baker)
  12. A Mind Most Desirable (A. D. Spencer)
  13. The Downfall of Jesse James (Anthony W. Eichenlaub)
  14. Asp Among the Water Lilies (T. W. Garland)
  15. Undead Empire, Gog! (J. W. Whalen)
  16. Fateful Days (H. J. Hill)

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10 thoughts on “Conquest Through Determination Releases!!

  1. Now this looks interesting! Congrats again Claire.

    You know you can stop now, no need to rub it in and hog the literary limelight. Some of us haven’t been to the big show yet… we have feelings too, you know…
    I’ll be sobbing in the corner should you feel like sending money or something. 😉

    Seriously though, stay on the roll, this is so awesome!

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