Conquest Through Determination Releases!!

Finally! “Clockwork Nessie” is published! I wrote this story over a year ago for another anthology that never got off the ground, withdrew it and resubmitted it. Pill Hill accepted it and finally, finally it’s published. The paperback format is available now at Amazon, but if you’re a Kindle person, give it another few days and that format will also be available. In the meantime, if you love steampunk, and I do, you might wanna give this one a read. I haven’t dug in myself yet but from what I understand there are a couple that are set in the old west, as in Wild, Wild, West! (used to love that show!)

Table of Contents:

  1. The Tragedy of Harland Ruby and Elvira Mynx (Katherine Simmons)
  2. Appomattox (David W. Landrum)
  3. Sternum Flint’s Mechanical Heart (Son Mitchell)
  4. Chitin and Coal (Jen Matteis)
  5. The Lure (Michael B. Fletcher)
  6. Dreamer, Wake Up, Wake Up (Magda Knight)
  7. Hell’s Black Birds (Miles Boothe)
  8. Gray Matter (Alexander B. Joy)
  9. Clockwork Nessie (Claire Gillian)
  10. Tangolandia (Gustavo Bondini)
  11. Museum Quality (Erin Shanendoah Baker)
  12. A Mind Most Desirable (A. D. Spencer)
  13. The Downfall of Jesse James (Anthony W. Eichenlaub)
  14. Asp Among the Water Lilies (T. W. Garland)
  15. Undead Empire, Gog! (J. W. Whalen)
  16. Fateful Days (H. J. Hill)

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#ROW80 Rd 4 — wk 8, rpt 1

My NaNo widget is fixed!! All praise to the NaNo widget makers!

My weekly blog post goal is half met.  Must think of one more…hmmm.

NaNo words slowed down after I finished (yay!) the in-process WIP I’d been working on since the beginning–my alter-ego’s short story anthology.  The final tale ran a little long at 7500 words but I’m sure the edits will pare it back.  All said and done, my anthology took over 33k words to finish.  I think I originally estimated 15k when planning for NaNo. Ha! I added another 2200 to my novella, tweaking here and there, 1800 on my 2010 NaNo novel (which I just cannot get into) and—shame on me—I started a new YA (a steampunk Nancy Drew-type tale featuring a debutante who’d rather dodge her first season “out” to solve crimes with the Inspector’s strange son) that I’ve written 2800 words for over the past two days.  In all likelihood, the YA novel will finish out my 50k.  I have about 8k more to go for my 2011 NaNo win!

My goals and current stats for this round are on my ROW80-4 page.

The Linky site lists other participants’ progress reports.  Give them some encouragement too.