2012 NaNoWriMo Winner!!

Fourth year, fourth win! Today we were able to validate our wins and get our certificates. Here’s mine:

I got my 50k word count win by completing 2 other manuscripts–9674 words for Purely Relative for me and 5227 words for my alter-ego, Lila–in addition to the first 35,115 words of my cruise ship romance.

The cruise romance is still sailing at 48,224 words as of November 24th. Definitely want to complete the first draft by the NaNo end date of November 30th so I can dock this thing in the Avon NaNo sponsor port by December 10th.

NaNo Nibblet

Here’s a bit from my NaNo project, working title:  Cruise Ship Mistress (It’s not a tawdry romance! Don’t judge me!):

We’re in the POV of Lydia, our heroine. She and her new quality control trainee, Paul, are employees of a cruise ship and have just boarded as secret shoppers. Unbeknownst to Lydia, Paul doesn’t work for her; she works for him. He’s the CEO but his ship has sprung a leak and he’s determined to do some of his own reconnaissance. This is FIRST DRAFT material so excuse the roughness around the edges.

The khaki shorts he wore were crisply pressed and expensive-looking as were the docksider shoes on his sockless feet. Dark hair covered his head and dusted his arms and legs. A five o’clock shadow at three in the afternoon covered his face, the only chink in an otherwise perfectly crafted exterior. He turned and caught her staring at him before she could avert her gaze. Those dark brown eyes of his held hers captive and treated her to an unspoken sort of smug mockery, almost as if he were saying, “Yes, I know I’m a handsome devil and I can have any woman I want. You might make a decent pity fuck, but that’s all you would ever be.”

“Here we are,” she announced charging into the elevator.

They had the car to themselves. She could feel his eyes on her, appraising her like she had done to him, although she doubted his conclusions about her were quite as appreciative. Just as well. She was his boss and his trainer. Fraternization between employees, especially crew members,  could result in termination. This she knew because her reports of ship romances had resulted in pink slips for at three quarters of two couples. The fourth got off on a technicality called a penis. He had one.

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