My Story is in The American UK magazine

It began as a blog post for the A to Z Challenge, L, specifically. One of the organizations I tagged in my post about my summer in London, BUNAC, saw it and contacted me. They asked me to write a post for their blog about my experience. I did. The American, a magazine for American ex-patriots living in the UK, saw that post and asked to run a slightly expanded version of it in their August issue.

Well…here it is!

First, the Table of Contents:

Then the article itself. Click the image to go to the online magazine, then go to page 18!

Wasn’t I cute back then?  LOL  I told you I was an international superstar!!  But what I wouldn’t give to be back there, thirty years later, watching the Olympics live instead of on my television. Oh well. My easy chair is pretty comfortable and I can watch that world record pacing bar they superimpose on the pool when the US hopefuls are swimming.


2 thoughts on “My Story is in The American UK magazine

  1. International star? Well of course that’s not too surprising. What an amazing experience. I think we all would love to be in London right now. Go USA!!!

    BTW you look just as cute today as in ’82.

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