My Story is in The American UK magazine

It began as a blog post for the A to Z Challenge, L, specifically. One of the organizations I tagged in my post about my summer in London, BUNAC, saw it and contacted me. They asked me to write a post for their blog about my experience. I did. The American, a magazine for American ex-patriots living in the UK, saw that post and asked to run a slightly expanded version of it in their August issue.

Well…here it is!

First, the Table of Contents:

Then the article itself. Click the image to go to the online magazine, then go to page 18!

Wasn’t I cute back then?  LOL  I told you I was an international superstar!!  But what I wouldn’t give to be back there, thirty years later, watching the Olympics live instead of on my television. Oh well. My easy chair is pretty comfortable and I can watch that world record pacing bar they superimpose on the pool when the US hopefuls are swimming.


I’m an International Superstar!

Haha! No, not really, but it makes an eye-catching post title doesn’t it?

But I am the focus of an article about my working experience in the UK thirty many years ago.  I first wrote about my summer working in the UK during the April A to Z Blogging Challenge in my “L is for London” post. BUNAC, the sponsor of my work abroad program happened to spot it (why you should always tag your posts). They contacted me and asked if I wouldn’t mind writing a post for their blog about my experience, to help ease anxieties of those considering the program.  I said, “Of course!”, dug out some old photos and souvenirs and sent them on.

Today BUNAC emailed informing me my guest post is up AND added this extra tidbit that still has me giddy:

We’ve also been approached by The American magazine, an ex-pat magazine for Americans living here in the UK, who want to run the blog as an article. We’ve forwarded on your story and photos and I believe they’re planning to run it in the August issue.

How cool is that?

So, yes, in the post are photos of me right after I graduated from college, taking my first baby steps out into the big, scary world that wasn’t so big after all.