Prometheus Unstitched Released!

Released this past Friday, August 17th, Prometheus Unstitched is now available for purchase. As a quick reminder, this tongue-in-cheek superhero novella once started off as mine but had plot elements that were a little too sexy for me, so I handed it over to Lila, my alter-ego.  But I know some of my readers like a little bit of heat and on the erotica scale this one only comes in at a level 2 on the publisher’s 1 to 4 scale.

Here’s more about the book:

Cory Blindbarrow of Blindbarrow Crimefighting Couture, loves her work—from tailoring bulletproof fabrics to engineering concealed weaponry. Kowtowing to the over-sized egos of her superhero clientele? Not so much.

Her newest client, Theo Richelieu, aka Prometheus Man, can see five minutes into the future. Unfortunately, nobody believes him. He’s exactly the type that pushes Cory’s buttons. But he’s also quite talented at engaging (and disengaging) her snaps and zippers. As maddening as Theo can be, Cory can’t deny their supernatural chemistry.

When a sniper targets Cory’s colleagues, Theo appoints himself her protector. His know-it-all attitude soon has her ready to tattoo a bullseye on her forehead. If Theo is unable to convince the headstrong couturier she’s the sniper’s next mark, their happily ever after might never make it out of the design phase.

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