#SixSunday — Purely Relative #2

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Today’s six comes from a little novella I’m writing as a light-hearted companion to my debut novel, The P.U.R.E., tentatively titled, Purely Relative. Gayle is chatting with Jon’s sister, Jenny and her fiance, Scott. Gayle is on edge because her first introduction to Jenny had happened when she was caught in flagrante delicto with Jon in Jenny’s house. In this scene, the foursome are making small talk, discussing books:

“And what are you reading,” Scott asked.

“She’s reading that latest bestseller about BDSM that everyone’s been talking about,” Jon volunteered. “Whips and chains and spankings, oh my!”

Why Jon chose then to speak on my behalf when his normal M.O. was Mr. Stoic I’d never understand. But he did, leaving me to answer for my prurient reading tastes, never mind that I’d finished the aforementioned sexy novel and had moved on to a Stephen King horror classic. I’d have never brought up the topic of reading were I still wading in the sexy.

Poor Gayle…. (this seems to be the common theme thus far)

Like my Regrettable Cover of the Month entry? I’ve been teaching myself Photoshop lately. Shut up! I didn’t say I was any good at it yet. That’s me in the middle…er, I mean on the far left. LOL

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17 thoughts on “#SixSunday — Purely Relative #2

  1. LOL! Great cover enhancement – you’re like a gal who just learned to use her bedazzler and blingin’ everything out with your mad new photoshop skills.

    She can’t catch a break, can she? Don’t freak, Gayle, I’m sure Jenny’s read all three of them already anyway.

  2. still wading in the sexy

    I love this phrase!! And poor Gayle. From the frying pan to the fire. I think she needs to lose Jon. Or teach him better uses for his mouth! 😉

    • Such is Gayle’s life alas…always tumbling into more than she banks on. I’m at nearly 9000 words so it’s coming along, slowly but surely in between all my other “stuff” for my other me.

      Always great to “see” you, Silver!

  3. I’ve had this happen and it’s annoying. Looking forward to seeing how Gayle moves beyond this little snafu! Funny six!

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