#SixSunday — Oh the drama! (Purely Relative #5)

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Today’s six comes once again from a novelette I’m writing as a companion to my debut novel, The P.U.R.E.  In this six, there’s a huge crowd at our hero, Jon Cripps’ family home for a holiday meal. Jon’s brother Jason, Jason’s girlfriend, Kat, and Jason’s best gal pal, Tully, take their turn adding to the dinner time drama. Tully speaks to Kat first:

Jason obviously doesn’t date you for your sweeping intellect, does he?”

“Sandbox friends only go so far, honey. When boys grow into men, they want a real woman to play with,” she paused and pointedly looked Tully up and down, “not a third wheel buddy.” [Kat] gave a disdainful puff of air through perfectly lacquered lips to punctuate her jab.

“My experience has been skanks get no thanks, but good friends transcend to the end.” Tully cast her eyes to Jason, who sagged a little in his chair.

Rowrr!! Cat fight in ten, nine, eight…

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12 thoughts on “#SixSunday — Oh the drama! (Purely Relative #5)

  1. Ouch. The back and forth sure is fun to read, but I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of it. Wonder what the two will say when they get him alone. Trouble and conflict, oh my. Fabulous 6.

  2. Ouch! Tully and Kat can sure hurl those stinging jabs. I love the way Jason slinks down in his chair. He may as well be locked in a small room with the walls closing in on him.

  3. Poor Jason. I agree with Sandra, what was he thinking? Either than or he’s clueless about Tully’s feelings towards him 😉 Great 6, full of humour and tension. Loved it!

  4. Oh man, I’m pretty sure he wants to be anywhere else but there at that moment. Great six, Claire! 🙂

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