J is for Joker


Clockwork Nessie, Part 8

Near the mouth of the cave, Sarah and Thomas stood in an embrace, kissing. I backed out of sight and coughed loudly before I emerged the second time.

“We were about to come fetch you, Miss, what with the tide coming in,” Thomas said. He did sport some evidence of concern on his face, but Sarah’s blush told a different tale.

“I appreciate your concern. I’m ready to bid this place farewell. Thank you both for your indulgence.”

On the trip home, I pondered the amazement that was the sea monster automaton. Why did Papa build it? Who was Robert? Who or what was Rankine? Why was the aquatic automaton in the caverns?

Sarah and Thomas flirted and teased each other, but I barely heard them. I needed to search Papa’s study again. Surely I would find some sort of clue in his effects, something I had missed before.

“… she saw it herself, she did, that monster in Loch Ness.” Thomas shook his head as he sought to convince Sarah of a tall tale. “Said it were just off the western shore of Dog Island.”

“That’s crazy talk. T’ain’t no such thing, Thomas. You’ve a mind to hoodwink me, I can tell from that dimple in your cheek, right there.” She touched the betraying tic.

(To Be Continued) a2z-2013-badge-001_5bmed5d