R is for Revelation


Clockwork Nessie, Part 15

“I see you’ve discovered Nessie the Second.” He stood by my side, the pair of us facing the automaton, and handed me a glass of amber-colored liquid. Our fingers brushed and our eyes met and held.

Determined not to betray my addled state, I cocked my head and asked, “How many Nessies are there?”

“At least two now. This model took Ewan and me years to design and fabricate.”

“Why? What’s her purpose?”

“Ah, your father never told you?” I scowled and shrugged. “I guess not. I thought when you came to the cave today, you seemed to know your way around. When you climbed to the rock ledge, it was as if you’d been there before.” He downed the entirety of his drink in a single gulp.

I did the same and nearly choked. Robert thumped me on the back, chuckling.

“How did you know I was in the cave?” I asked.

He walked toward Nessie. I set my glass on the buffet and trotted to his side. We stopped at the capsule large enough to seat a single person in a semi-reclining position.

“I saw you because I was there too, inside Nessie.”

(To Be Continued) a2z-2013-badge-001_5bmed5d

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