The P.U.R.E. will be 99 cents during October!

For the entire month of October 2013, The P.U.R.E. will be reduced to the bargain price of:

99 cents!

Woo hoo!

If you nabbed a free copy of Purely Relative in the early summer, now’s your chance to get the first book in the series, the one that started it all, for less than a buck!

I really do recommend reading them in order for maximum swoon and no spoilers, but if you’ve already read Purely Relative, I think you’ll enjoy reading The P.U.R.E. even more.

The P.U.R.E. takes place in October – November, so you’ll be right there with the characters…if you care about that sort of thing…and don’t think it’s weird of me to even bring it up as a reason to buy the book.

Here’s a little promo graphic I made just because I felt like it. Please excuse the gaudiness.


CLICK ME to BUY A COPY from Amazon

UPDATE:  It’s already 99 cents at Amazon!!! Click the picture above if you’re interested.  🙂