#ROW80 Round 1 2014 Check in #16


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Here are the “FAR” goals I established for this round of ROW80:

F-INISHING works in progress by adding >500 weekly new words, net.

A-DDING >1000 weekly new words to works with 10k words or less to them, and

R-EVISING two works for submission (converting one from adult to new adult and editing one based on feedback.) by tackling at least ONE chapter per week.

Here’s how I did this week:

FINISHING:  690 words. (Goal met)

ADDING:  1827 words. (Goal met)

REVISING: About a half chapter each for two different manuscripts. Close enough. (Goal met)

Thanks to all my visitors and commenters. 🙂 Check out the progress of other ROW participants by heading to the Linky list here:

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