#ROW80 Round 1 2014 Check in #17 and a Mid-Week Teaser


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Here are the “FAR” goals I established for this round of ROW80:

F-INISHING works in progress by adding >500 weekly new words, net.

A-DDING >1000 weekly new words to works with 10k words or less to them, and

R-EVISING two works for submission (converting one from adult to new adult and editing one based on feedback.) by tackling at least ONE chapter per week.

Here’s what I have done so far this week:


ADDING:  526 words so far.


I’m okay with my pace. I’m usually more latter half of the week weighted and I’ve at least been putting a few words down each night.

Switching it up some, here’s a weekly meme excerpting some of my “Adding” work:MidWeekTease2

From my WIP, KAOS (Kissing As An Organized Sport), a new adult offering about a bunch of college kids playing KAOS (Killing as an organized sport) with some interesting complications. Chloe is the narrator / protagonist and Jules is her BFF, both of whom are undergraduates. Harry, Fiona, Tim, Drew, New John and Russ are graduate student dorm rats.  All first draft material so…

“Hey Chlo. You and Harry get signed up?” Jules asks.

All eyes swivel my way.

“Yep,” I say propping my feet up on my backpack. “We are armed and deadly.”

“Where’s Harry,” Drew asks.

I cock my head toward the door. “He’s at the cafeteria having coffee with Fiona.”

“What!” Tim and Drew exclaim in unison. New John and Russ pause their game to chorus in next.

“You left him with her?” Drew says springing from the loveseat like I shoved a firecracker up his ass. He paces in front of me. “This is bad, really bad. He was doing so well.”

Tim has already shoved Jules’ feet off his lap and is headed toward the door. “Come on, guys, the GDPCS must act!” New John and Russ push back and draw on their coats and follow Drew and Tim.

“GDPCS?” I ask Jules, my brows hiked high. These guys and their bromance languages…

“No idea. Must be new. I’ve only heard it once before.” She skewers me with a knowing glance. “So…what’s going on with you and Harry?”

I frown. Alright. Maybe I have a little teensy tiny crush on Harry. Microscopic even and only in my whimsical moments. Certainly never anything I ever dreamed of acting upon, but that was mostly because he’d always been with Fiona. The two of them were like fish and chips—British and inseparable. And probably bad for a girl. Oh sure, I might occasionally crave fried food–who doesn’t–and the foreign element gives it extra appeal, but I’ve never really given much thought to actually consuming fish and chips regularly. I’d break out for sure and die ugly and pimpled.

“Absolutely nothing is going on with me and Harry. Why would you even ask me that? I never ask you if anything is going on with you and Tim, yet you or some part of you is always in his lap or the other way around.”

Jules flips her hand at me and shakes her head. “Everyone knows I’m in love with Forrest.”

I sigh because she’s right. Everyone does know this and no one takes her flirting seriously. Well, no one with any sense. Sometimes I wonder about Tim, but then he’ll disappear on a date Friday night and no one will see him until Saturday night when he’ll drag back to the dorm doing the guy’s version of the walk of shame, which is really more of a high five gauntlet. The guys call him the Twenty-Four Hour Man, but no one has ever actually seen him on a date or with a girl. Jules is rarely here on weekends, but when she comes back on Sunday nights she always has that dreamy, been fucked all weekend look on her face and her IQ is fifty points lower than it was on Friday. Tim’s IQ is fifty points higher. No one ever said sex was fair.

KAOS draws heavily from my own collegiate experiences at UNC Chapel Hill, Craige dorm. Writing nostalgically is quite wonderful, even though it’s been a long, long, long time since I was in college.

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Thanks to all my visitors and commenters. 🙂

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    • Thanks, Kiru! If only I knew then what I know now…so next best thing is rewriting history a la fiction.

  1. I liked the fish and chips bit. Interesting way of describing the pair. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. The language feels right, and I’m wanting to know more. I would say that’s writing well done! =)

    And i love that you’re OK with the lulls, because you have a sense of your life and how you work.

    Enjoy the latter part of your week! =)

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