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Today I have a new installment in my “Regrettable Books A to Z™” series. For those of you new to my series, this is 100% parody. You are more than welcome to laugh, snicker and guffaw at my amateurish photoshopping and blurb writing. Bad is good. Good is bad.

N is for Nonsensical.

Let’s go for some pretentious minimalism today, shall we? Sort of like The Beatles White Album or Spinal Tap’s Black album (Nigel Tufts says, “How much blacker could it be? Answer. None.”) The line between genius and stupid is so very paper thin. Love those really vague blurbs that seem packed with tantalizing phrases, but collectively, they make no sense or it’s an homage to some obscure philosopher. To wit:

First the tagline:

Absence or infinity–one choice is all that separates them.

N4WhiteThe blurb:

White light is all colors blended. A celestially crafted combination of an infinite number of components. White on canvas is the utter lack of color. Two polar extremes as white as the snow from the poles themselves. Two individuals as diametrically opposed as they are the same. The tangible vs. the intangible.

All is not as it seems.

Danger lurks at every corner.

Will she see it in time? Will he save her?

What secrets does the white canvas hold?





Bliss or Destruction–only one choice separates them.

Do they dare make that choice?

The difference between all that could be and all that never was.

Huh? Ever read a blurb and think, “Either I am not smart enough to read this book or everyone else who claims it is so deep and wonderful is simply proclaiming the grandeur of the Emperor’s New Clothes”? Oh, but at least there’s a lot of sex in this one! Can’t you tell? 😉


Disclaimer: “Regrettable Books A to Z™” is a completely fictional (duh!) creation for parody purposes only. I have no product beyond what you see in this post. Photos are public domain or stock photos I have purchased. This is not a commercial purpose, however, I retain any and all creative story rights in the highly unlikely event I accidentally create something that might be worth a damn.

6 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z April Challenge — “N”

  1. Oh, man. It’s so deep! I mean, it reached me on so many levels, you know? I never thought about how many profound emotions one could fit in an empty space, but you’ve done it! Well done. *soundless clap*

    • Oh the soundless clap! I am crying whispery tears of happiness onto the garrulous canvas of my keyboard. 😉

  2. I call it pseudo intellectual – they try so hard to be smart and end up in my recycle box – you did hit the nail on the head though 😀

  3. Reminds me of the output manics have during an emergency psychotherapy session. Enthusiastic, profound, multiple-meaning gribberish that means the world to them, but earns only tic-tac-toe and funny penis doodles on the shrink’s notepad.

    • Heh-heh…great description and I’m LMAO at the visual of the doctor doodling penises. Thanks for visiting me and for the very nice tweets. 😀

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