Who says accountants aren’t creative?!

I’ve been doing my best to prove that number-crunchers aren’t all left-brainers and that we are capable of amazing creativity.  This Christmas, I reconnected with a former colleague of mine from my U.S. Bancorp Mortgage Company days (long since dissolved into its parent, U.S. Bank).  I shared that I’d been busy writing.  She shared that she too had been busy…with paper sculpture!  Take a look at some of the wonderful Joan Kelley’s creations she has graciously allowed me to share on my blog:

About the construction Joan wrote:

“You can use these pictures if you want to because they are my favorites which I made after seeing pictures of the flowers.

All my pictures are made from layers of papers that are bent, formed or folded.  It’s fun and I have used them as gifts and people seem to really like them which gives me a great deal of pleasure.  I have sold some to friends who give them as gifts and plan to keep doing that and expand in that arena.”

Joan is retired (but you’d never know it if you met her) and is not interested in crafting these as a business.  She told me she wants to preserve the joy of each creation.  So, please, no entreaties to commission her, though I’m sure she’d enjoy your comments.  Just goes to show, some people CAN maximize both their right and left brains.

Thank  you, Joan, for allowing me to share the genius of your right brain.

Six Sentence Sunday — The P.U.R.E. #2

Welcome to my SECOND “Six Sentence Sunday”. Thank you for visiting and especially for any comments you might leave me.

I thought I’d share a second six from my debut novel, a romantic suspense, The P.U.R.E., to be published by J Taylor Publishing in April 2012. P.U.R.E stands for Previously Undetected Recruiting Error, by the way.

In this scene, our heroine, Gayle has talked her reluctant co-worker, Jon, into doing a little after hours sleuthing with her.  Jon speaks first.

Okay, I’ll go in first, and scope out the place. I’ll call you on your cell if the coast is clear.”

“Why do you think you’re so much less recognizable or noticeable than me?” I cocked my head to the side. Typical man! He wanted to take over even though I came up with the idea in the first place.

If you enjoyed that, I hope you’ll pick up a copy of The P.U.R.E. right after you file your tax return next year, on or around April 16, 2012 when it releases.

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