#SixSunday — An Outtake from The P.U.R.E.


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This six is a bit that was cut from my forthcoming debut novel, The P.U.R.E. (releasing April 16, 2012).  Once upon a time I decided to make The P.U.R.E a cozy mystery and so I cut out or faded to black all the steamy bits. My publisher, who had read the pre-cozy version, said, “nuh-uh, put ’em back”.  I did with some extras but also a substitution. This scene ended up on the cutting room floor, a fact that irks the Silverback because it was actually his scene idea.  Little PURE trivia for you there.

By way of setup, Gayle and Jon, co-workers and clandestine lovers, have just finished having dinner at a very upscale restaurant.  Jon has coaxed Gayle to the closed off to patrons mezzanine / balcony dining area that overlooks the main dining room.  The pair is flirting with some naughty exhibitionism and are enjoying a different sort of dessert.

As I faced forward again, I scanned the diners, checking to see if anyone had spotted us on the mezzanine level.  One face caught my attention–Sandy Gomez from HR.  She didn’t see me, but she could have if she’d looked up.  Part of me wanted to yell, “How’s about this for fraternization!”  But I didn’t.  Instead I closed my eyes to block her out and to concentrate on Jon.

Raise your hand if you’re with the Silverback in wishing I’d not cut this scene. No worries, I wrote a different but better one.

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