#SixSunday — Puffy Shirts and Billionaires

Welcome to the LAST “Six Sentence Sunday”. Thank you to everyone who has ever visited me as part of that weekly Sunday routine. I’ve loved all your comments and in turn all the fantabulous sixes I’ve read on others’ blogs. I’m sure there will be a replacement equally worthy eventually, but today we’re bidding adieu to the grand-daddy of them all.

This six comes from my still in process (sigh…I know, I know) NaNoWriMo cruise ship romance, title to be determined.

The hero and heroine have just concluded a rather trying dinner with some fellow passengers while on a cruise ship as secret shoppers. They have finally escaped and are taking in the air on the promenade.

Photo of The Puffy shirt on display at the Smi...

Photo of The Puffy shirt on display at the Smithsonian

“Well, that was fun,” she remarked at last, breaking the silence.

Paul chuckled, a warm rumble that emanated deep in his chest. She drank in his dark form at the rail. He was tall and powerfully built, like a rogue pirate at the helm of his ship. All he needed was an eye patch, and maybe also to shed the jacket and open a few top buttons of his shirt. A puffy shirt would be better still, but she doubted the gift shop sold any of those.

Ok, ok, guilty as charged for the Seinfeld allusion. I couldn’t resist.

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I hope you’ll visit me again in the near future, SSS or not. Cheers! 🙂

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