PUREly Relative Draft 1 Done!

Hurray! A little gut wrenching near the end but all ends well. 30k words the novella’s first draft clocked in at, also bringing my total NaNo word count to 30k. On the backside of the NaNo mountain now with only one project to work on until the 50k mark. I finished my other two as I’d hoped! Hurray! What a great feeling. So quick break to celebrate and wallow in the joy of writing “The End”.

Here’s a bit of music / choreography I’ve always loved, a Mia Michaels choreographed routine to Imogen Heap’s “The Moment I Said It” that is indicative of part of the story arc:

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LOOK at that! A writer’s challenge

Jocelyn Adams, author of The Glass Man

Jocelyn Adams, author of The Glass Man

The amazing Jocelyn Adams has issued me and four others a challenge!

Here’s the challenge (which I will extend to five fellow authors below): Find the LOOKs in your current WIPs AND post the paragraphs around the word. Choose your favorite THREE in your WIP to post.

Aha! Someone is trying to catch us telling and not showing! Bring it!

I had 7 “Look” or derivative instances in my 9000 word in-process draft of Purely Relative, a novella sequel to The PURE, so annualized / novelized / run rate to completion-ized, that would be about 40 in a 60k novel. Not too bad.

Here are my three (3) paragraphs:

We walked in without announcing our arrival, the middle child needing no invitation to enter his boyhood home. The living room greeted us first, a soaring room of pristine white—white carpet, white sofa, white chairs and a massive portrait of the family all dressed in, of course, white. Jon didn’t look much younger than his current age in it.


I assessed Jenny next hoping to catch a peek at her ring finger. Dark hair and dark eyes like Jon, she was a much taller version of her mother, much, much taller. Mr. and Mrs. Cripps sure did make pretty babies. Wonder what Jon’s and my babies would look like?


Rising up, I caught sight of myself in the mirror. “Don’t give me that look. Everybody does it. How was I to know the thing was booby trapped,” I said to the disapproving twin in the mirror. She shook her head, prompting a niggle of shame to ripple through.

Now to throw down the gauntlet to five other authors:

Sandra Bunino

Jennifer Eaton

Terri Rochenski


Jen Keller-Ford