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Father and patron saint of writers, it’s been over a year since my last confession.  I am guilty of scriptum interruptus.

In the interests of complete disclosure of my transgressions, I present my list of incomplete projects.  I’m excluding the ideas that I’ve been smart enough to park in my notebook to ferment.


  1. The PURE, novel #2, romantic suspense, needs a revamp of its opening and another polishing edit.  It could use a better query and synopsis too.  I still firmly believe in this one, just haven’t found the right audience for it…yet.  Plus in my heart of hearts, I believe this genre might be where my most concentrated talents lie.
  2. All’s Fair in Love and War, novel #3, contemporary romance, per feedback from TWRP and  another beta reader, needs a wee deus ex machina exorcism.  I know I can do this and therefore don’t want to trunk it.
  3. My Fair Vampire, novel #4, urban fantasy, needs multiple rounds of edits.  I’m actively doing round one edits, have had a few chapters critiqued.  It also needs a query and synopsis.  This one has sequel potential because of the slow-burn sexual tension between the two MCs and the spinoff stories made possible by the reveal.  Plus the heroine is so much quirky fun to write.
  4. Sins of Our Mothers, novel #5 and my 2010 NaNo needs to be completed at least enough to get my free Createspace proof prior to the 6-30 expiration date (think that’s the date; it was last year).  She currently sits at 57,000 words and is in active rotation.  However, the plot has become snarled in my head and until I get that sorted out, it’s not much fun to work on.
  5. Novel #6 Iris St. Clair‘s as yet unnamed YA novel about Ellen, started December 2010, needs a title, an outline and the rest of the story beyond the first 9000 words I’ve already written.  Ellen is also in active rotation.
  6. Novel #7 Iris St. Clair’s middle grade book, The Book Portal, started late 2009, last visited June 2010, stalled out at 3750 words.  It’s a cute story that I don’t want to abandon, but I’m not sure Iris is all that keen on writing MG.  This one is heading for the trunk with novel #1 but isn’t quiiiiite there yet, thus it stays on this list.
  7. Novel #8 Iris St. Clair’s YA speculative fiction / steampunk novel Horizon, based on three short stories I’ve written, is currently idling on the sidelines.
  8. A short story anthology by my other sekrit alter ego.  This is “take a break from novels / filler work” because I can crank out short stories as easily and often  as bowel movements (but hopefully not as smelly).  Ha, sorry for the potty humor but I’m a quick hit, rush to the punchline gal by nature (and I don’t mean in the bathroom too…gah…you people!) so short stories come easily to me.  Editing them however…well…add that to the list of unfinished chores.

I’m counting on the Round of Words in 80 Days project to help keep me focused and oblivious to the tantalizing hares on the sidelines, itching for a good chase.

In my defense, any and all writing is good as I build up to that mythical million word mark, the point at which anything I crank out might be worth a damn.  As they say:  Gutta cavat lapidem non vi, sed saepe cadendo*.

*A drop drills the rock not with force but with perseverance.

8 thoughts on “Writer’s Confessional

  1. “I am guilty of scriptum interruptus.” Hahahahaha. No matter how many times I try to read this, my mind still keeps decrypting it to Scrotum Interruptus. Sorry.
    Geez, listing our sins? What was that blog I read on a certain someone’s site about keeping our blog posts short and sweet? Wouldn’t want to break that rule, now would I? Heh 🙂

    • You bad girl! (Though I must confess, I kept thinking of coitus interruptus…snicker, snicker).

      Keeping it short and sweet a challenge for you? Ha! You don’t know how much I edited out or conveniently defined as falling outside the scope of my confession in order to do so. I’m sure with the proper parameters (projects started within the past year, past week, etc.), anyone can be brief…though the sin of omission would still loom. LOL

  2. A drop drills the rock not with force but with perseverance.
    Totally love that. Can I steal it? LOL
    and this –> “I am guilty of scriptum interruptus.” Totally you. 🙂

    • You may steal it from me as I stole it from a Latin phrase site I found, though it covers the gist of what I often claim.

      I will say in my defense though, that I have yet to completely abandon an in process manuscript, though the MG book may be my first, and if I do, I’ll chalk it up to genre error and not my haring ways. 😉

    • That so true. Once that honeymoon period wears off, it’s a struggle. That being said, I often find that I require more editing of those first few blissful chapters than of the gutted out later ones.

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