ROW80 Week 2, Report 2

Fully two weeks into ROW80, and we’ve already progressed to acronyms in the post subject line.

I love my goals and I hate my goals, but so far I’m meeting or beating those puppies, so that’s fine and dandy with me.

Probably the one I’m struggling with most is editing MFV, cause we all know how much fun editing is.   However, I am on track to finish round 1 edits within the 80 days at the pace I’ve established…it’ll just be toward the end of the 80 days.

As usual, my stats are on my super-duper special ROW80 blog page.

We’ve been challenged to post an example of our goal-achieving efforts by one of the other ROW80 participants.  To that I’ll say anyone wanting to read an excerpt of my Ellen project (currently entitled “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and to that I’ll add don’t groan.  It’s a working title, okay, and there are no gay militia in it anywhere)  is welcome to take a peek at my YA blog under my other pen name of Iris St. Clair.  You can’t miss it—it’s the only post on the blog so far.  Creating new pen names complete with shiny new blogs is my latest procrastination technique.

And if you want to see how my ROW80 compatriots are doing, you can go here for links to their progress reports.

As I write about my progress over 80 day chunks and contemplate my ultimate end goals, to be a NYT best-selling author among them (God’s driveway is just as out of reach as the peak of Mt Everest, so why not?), there are a few reasons I’m glad I’m not there yet.

Top Ten Reasons I’m Glad I’m Not  A Highly Successful, Oft-Quoted, Run With the Celebrities, Professional Author

  1. My day job forces me to wear clothes other than flannel pajama bottoms and t-shirts at least 5 days a week, not to mention a bra.
  2. My car runs better when I take it farther than the grocery store to stock on Diet Coke.
  3. My garbage bill is minimized by being able to dispose of my breakfast and lunch trash at the office.
  4. I can’t obsess as much over my email in-box on my work PC.
  5. No worries about carpal tunnel, jet lag, or lost luggage from those pesky book tours.  Gah, those must be so awful.
  6. I have no psycho stalkers and none warming up on the sidelines.
  7. I can change my blog template every damn day and not have to worry about branding, confusing readers, etc.
  8. I can write when I feel like it and thumb my nose at my editor and publisher (me) whenever I like.  She’s a taskmaster, but at the end of the day, she’s in MY pocket, not the other way around.
  9. No author’s photo to worry about, so no urgent need to dye the grey out of my hair anytime soon.
  10. No scathing reviews to either avoid or dry my tears over.  Most of my readers are of the pat my hand and say, “Erm, it was…nice.  Good for you for trying so hard,” variety.

8 thoughts on “ROW80 Week 2, Report 2

  1. I should so not say this…
    1. My day job forces me to wear clothes other than flannel pajama bottoms and t-shirts at least 5 days a week, not to mention a bra.
    Mine doesn’t. 😉

    Heeeeeeeeeeehehehhehehe. Love your procrastination list. 😉

    • Grrr…no fair.

      Thanks! I could create a whole ‘nother list of all my procrastination diversions…but I’ll spare my fellow writers those vices (for now…maybe a future blog post though it seems like this topic was once a blog chain topic…hmmm). I’m sure most people already have more than enough distractions of their own creation to battle without being infected with mine.

  2. I thought the same thing as Claire F. – New procrastination material! 🙂 Love the list. I also enjoy changing my blog and website template frequently and no one notices.
    Best of luck in week 3!

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