ROW80, wk 6, rpt 1

Wow, are we about halfway now?  It seems like yesterday in some respects, and forever in others.

I’m off to a good week so far.  The best news is I’ve finished my edits of My Fair Vampire and have sent the MS to three beta readers, with requests out to a couple of other likely prospects.  Squee!!

Got all my new words in, all my blog posts in and did my first of three flash fiction challenges for February.  I should be submitting my February contest entry by this weekend, at the latest, but hopefully before the next report.

I’ve had a good few days.  I’m pleased.

You can find other intrepid ROW80’ers here.  Give ’em a quick comment of encouragement if you can.

My cumulative stats are here.

6 thoughts on “ROW80, wk 6, rpt 1

  1. No kidding a good few days!!! You are rocking on your edits, blog, and shorts – what’s not to like? 🙂 Go squee your head off – you deserve it!

    Have a great rest-of-the-writing-week!!!

  2. Halfway? Yee gads. Now I’m really scared about how much I’ve backslid on my ROW80 goals. Congratulations on getting your WIP off to the beta readers. Love your stats page. Maybe I can try that! Happy writing.

  3. Nice work, Claire! Congrats on getting your MS out the door, your blogging, and the flash fiction 🙂 I love stopping by here – your site is cozy and the energy is always good. And, the inspiration is unbeatable.

    Keep up with the good work!

  4. Shari is cool, right? 😀

    It’s crazy how keeping track really makes the time go by differently. I keep thinking we’re nearly done then I realise we’ve over a month left so yay to the amount we’ve already accomplished.

    Good luck with the betas, hope it goes well – it’s the most nerve-wracking/exciting stage for me.

  5. Shari is only now realizing she responded to the same post 2x. Yipes. well, um, I’m enthusiastic…..?

    Well, I stand by the statement. I do think the energy is good and it is cozy and inspiring. And you are clearly impressing me with your progress. I’m going to sheepishly head back home now. (what a doofus, I mutter, hanging my head in bewilderment. Two posts, and I didn’t even recognize mine as…mine… 🙂

    One more day in my life…in Twitville.


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