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‘Tis time for another blog chain. This month’s theme is Antagonists.  I was preceded in the chain by Steam&Ink and will be followed by Dolores Haze.

This is a two-parter:

Part one: Describe the antagonist in your novel in 50 words or less.

Part two: What would you say to your antagonist if you met him or her in real life? Post a scene in response to this question in 100 words or less.

I have several works in process, so the challenge is:  which antagonist??  I’ve already written about David Baca, who made Dori’s life…challenging in My Fair Vampire as well as the were-Komodo dragon Mawar who tried to kill her.

Moving on to my 2010 NaNoWriMo WIP in process, Sins of Our Mothers, we have Neely’s tormentor, Rowan.  Rowan is an IRA terrorist, whose dalliance with Neely in her youth, sweeps her into twenty five years of running–from the law, from tragic memories, and from the man himself.

In this make-believe scene, Rowan’s knocked me over in the London tube while pursuing Neely.

Rowan:  “Out of my way!”

Me:  “Hey!  Dude.  Chill.  I’d say she’s not interested in your company right now.”

Rowan:  “Ye oul’ git, that was my girlfriend, and we was just havin’ a bit of a row.”

Me:  “She looked like she was running for her life.”

Rowan:  “Not that it’s any of your bleeding concern…”

Me:  “If you love someone, let her go, if she comes back to you–”

Rowan:  “Oh she’ll be back if she knows what’s good for her.”  (calms then looks me up and down with a wink)  “Well now.  Care for a ride, Sweetheart?”

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  2. I don’t think there is anything more appropriate in the world than to tell an antagonist to “chill”. If I had brownie points to give, I would give you a dozen or more.


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    • Thanks very much. I did a little homework on me Irish cause I didn’t want to sound too much like the Lucky Charms leprechaun. A little, I’ll accept. A lot…God forbid. LOL

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