ROW80 wk 7, rpt 1

New week and I’m off to a decent start.

I just barely got my new word count in for my novels in process, but I slightly exceeded the 500 words / day average.

I also have about a thousand words in for a 2000-5000 word short story I plan to submit for an anthology.  Contest says it’s open until March 31 or until “full”.  I’m a little worried what the full part means.  There’s no mention of a submission quota that I could find.  Any-who, I have the basic story idea…well, a couple of them.  It’s a matter of determining which is the better one of the bunch before I blast too many words out.

I did my flash fiction challenge on Sunday so I think I have 2 of the 3 per month for Feb, and am on track for blog posting.

No editing until I hear back from my betas so I’m enjoying a low editing period.  Only short story edits for now.

Linky site for the other ROW80 peeps is here.

My stats are here.

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