ROW80 wk 10, rpt 1

I’m a little behind on my writing for this week, but nothing I can’t catch up on.  I’m not quite used to writing in the family room with the television set blaring in front of me.  It has affected my productivity somewhat but I’ll adjust or get a new computer upstairs in my office where I normally work.

Good progress on the submission front with another short story out the door.  Plus, I got some semi-positive news (for someone) about a contest I entered many moons ago but had dismissed due to a rule I discovered after the fact I thought had disqualified me.  I got an email two days ago from the contest organizers saying they had misprinted the rules and there was NO theme, nor had one been intended.  The organizers therefore are now offering two equal prizes, one for those who followed the theme rule and one for those who did not.  However, since they probably should have already picked a winner, I suspect this additional notice may really have been intended for the theme compliant authors.  But…thinking positively, my odds just increased from 0 in 5000 to 1 in 5000 (my guess on how many entrants there might have been given it was the New Yorker online).  Woo-hoo, party time!  LOL

Shipped off my beta read comments to the author, so I’ve now discharged that commitment.

On track for the weekly blogging and monthly flash challenges.

Link to my cumulative stats is here.

Link to a list of other ROW80 participant progress reports is here.

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