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A few weeks ago, I attended the Wordstock Festival in Portland, OR.  There I enjoyed the presentations of many authors and strolled through the booths.  One of the exhibitors was a writing team named Dielle and Jeff.  I had seen Jeff strolling around wearing nothing but a kilt and a leather vest with a horn affixed to his forehead.  You tend to notice people like that.  At the time I dismissed him as being one of Portland’s free spirits.  Yeah, we have people who make those sorts of lifestyle choices in this neck of the woods.

Later, as I strolled through the exhibits, I saw a lady painted purple with goat legs and hooves and two little horns on her forehead.  Sitting behind the woman as she talked to the kids who strolled by was kilt guy.  So, I took a picture because I realized they were in costume for their booth, purpose unknown to me at the time.  I didn’t want to draw attention to my photo-taking because I’ve had punk rockers in London chase me down insisting I pay them for the privilege of having taken their photos. While I didn’t expect kilt guy to tackle me and confiscate my cell phone, I was still a little nervous about taking it without asking.  Plus, they were chatting with children visiting their booth.

I moved on, but I posted their picture on my blog as part of my weekly ROW80 update.

A few days later, Dielle found my blog, most likely through Googling–a smart thing for any writer to do. She introduced herself and her writing partner in the comments to my blog post and explained that she and Jeff are the authors of Sambuka Black and its accompanying activity book.

So I thought that was pretty cool and responded to her comment, thanking her for dropping by my blog and explaining the picture.

Dielle returned a few days later and offered to send me a copy of their book.  I thought that was awesome too, and you never say no to a free book, right?

So, guess what showed up today?

Wasn’t that nice?  The book is illustrated and features mystical creatures such as those Dielle and Jeff portrayed and also dragons!  Now, I happen to love dragons, so that makes it full of win.  The activity book contains puzzles and pictures, all from the book.  Wonderful!  I haven’t read it yet, but I certainly shall.

To Dielle and Jeff, thank you for the books and for the internet friendship.  Writers helping writers is a wonderful thing, though I am not sure exactly who’s helping who here. LOL

If you’re interested in learning more about Sambuka Black, you can visit the website at www.sambukablack.com or visit the authors’ site: www.chezchampignon.com

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  1. The Portland Highland Games are some of the best I’ve seen so just seeing someone in a kilt wouldn’t have surprised me. The horn, that would have given me pause, LOL. So cool they found your blog.

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