#SixSentenceSunday — Sins of Our Mothers

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This six comes from my 2010 NaNo novel that’s still unfinished though it earned me a win last year.  Sins of Our Mothers, currently at about 60k words with perhaps another 20k to go, is about:

An American woman, Neely Shaw, is arrested twenty five years after her involvement with a group of Irish terrorists and their British kidnapping victim.  She’s extradited back to England.  In a series of interviews, conducted as Neely’s trial unfolds, her interviewer, Siobhan, learns that the victims and criminals aren’t nearly as black and white as the press would have the public believe.  And Neely is guarding more secrets than just those of a criminal nature.

In this six, Neely has just arrived at a London jail for processing and interrogation.  Neely speaks first, then the Crown’s interrogator, Siobhan Feeney.

“I don’t suppose there’s any chance of bail here is there?” She knew it was a stupid question before she’d uttered the words, but she had to at least ask.

Siobhan made a scoffing noise, the nice young woman from earlier that morning long gone. “Slim to none. You’re a flight risk, Neely. You fled the country after the crime and have been so good at hiding, it took us twenty five years to find you.

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14 thoughts on “#SixSentenceSunday — Sins of Our Mothers

    • Thanks, Kelly. I will…soon, I hope. I’m going to have to reread all 60k first because when I last left it, the plot was all tangled up, especially with NaNo allowing you to just strike through words and still count them. Argh!

  1. Very real potential for palpable suspense, drama and intrigue! Can ya tell I’m a sucker for this kinda story!? Great six Claire!

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