Flashmobs…Will They Come?

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I saw a commercial a while back that featured one lone fellow showing up for a flashmob in a busy train station.  I scratched my head and made a mental to-do to look up flashmob in Wikipedia or the Urban Dictionary, then forgot all about it.

Last night I watched Howie Mandel’s show Mobbed while on the telephone for NINETY FREAKIN’ MINUTES listening to some airlines ticketing trainee mutter as she hunted and pecked at her computer and talked to her supervisor every few minutes.  She sounded seventy at least.  Bless her heart, though, I couldn’t get mad at her, as aggravated as I was, so this post and the whole flashmob concept will most likely bear the brunt of that suppressed curmudgeonly energy.

Back to the topic.  What the hell is a flashmob?  And is it flash mob or flashmob?  Who thought up such a lemming-like concept?  Did they laugh the first time they conned the other kids into doing something stupid?  I would have.  Actually, in hind sight, I remember organizing one of these random events…in the seventh grade!

I tried to start a virtual flashmob on Twitter last night and, not surprisingly, no one joined in but a couple of Twitter BFF’s who rolled their eyes but at least attempted to humor me.  Not even the spammers chimed in. I tweeted that I’d started doing the Thriller dance…only no one else danced with me, people just zoomed on by…and tweeted about other things.  Le sigh.

So I got to thinking that publishing a book is kind of like organizing a flashmob. You hope people show up.  You hope people “get it”.  You hope you aren’t the only idiot doing a dance from the eighties like a Filipino prisoner.  You hope they buy your book, and others see them buying and think it looks fun so they also buy…and they wave over their passing friends and they buy…and so on and so on.

Because nobody wants to dance alone and either go unnoticed or be mocked for getting the steps wrong, having bad rhythm, or just plain looking like a dork.

On April 16, 2012, I’m having a flashmob.  I hope you’ll come and dance with me…and Gayle and Jon and maybe a couple of inept bad guys in suits, a vagabond Siamese cat and a very unusual car.  We’ll be the ones wearing orange prisoner jumpsuits.  🙂

11 thoughts on “Flashmobs…Will They Come?

    • Sorry this went to spam. I don’t what’s gone wrong. Every comment I’ve received in the past 2 days has gone to spam, even my own!!

      Any-who, more car less cat but they’re both in there. LOL You’ll love the car.

  1. You got me with the cat! LOL!!

    I was almost in a flashmob not too long ago, but it was canceled at the last minute. It seems like a lot of fun.

    • Sorry your comment went to spam! Grr. Cat’s name is Scully. Watch for his debonair cameo.

      I have never seen nor been asked to participate in a flash mob, though I’d like to. 🙂

  2. The flashmob experience sounds quite exhilirating. I’m joining the queue… 🙂
    Have to say, I love the Filipino prisoner performance…

  3. Hmmm. I could reschedule my conquest of the Bikini Atoll…

    Seriously, I’ve always equated the word mob with the inability to think independantly. (oops too many LYily) But now that you mention it, that is exactly what we are trying to do, build our own “mob” of readers. I’m sure you’ll have no problems with that. Afterall, you have the vagabond Siamese cat on your side.;)

    • Dude, the Bikini Atoll is thick with radioactive zombies. Wear lead. LOL

      Good point on the abandonment of individual thought once in a mob…but I’ll take it at least long enough for them to buy and read my book. Oh yes, I am that mercenary.

  4. Hi Claire,
    I am a host of the A to Z Challenge and visiting blogs from the sign up list. I’ll show my ignorance by admiting that I had not heard of a flash mob or if I had, it didn’t register until I read your post. (enlightening!) I like how you related it to publishing a book. A very apt analogy!

    I look forward to reading more on your blog!


    • THanks, Karen, and welcome. Sorry my blog was so inhospitable as to send your comment directly to my spam folder. Grr. Got to get that fixed. It even sends MY comments to spam.

      Flash mobs–yeah new to me too…so long as they use their mob powers for good (like buying my book) vs. evil. 😉

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