The Little e-Zine that Could

I haven’t really said much about this yet (other than a blog badge off to the side) because my first writing hasn’t been published yet, but I landed a regular gig writing a movie column for Book and Trailer Showcase (BTS) magazine. My first “Second Chance Cinema” column will be in the November issue, and I just finished my December column for submission to the editor today. I took this on because I love movies and my BFF, Sandra Bunino, who already had a column with the magazine, put in a good word for me.  I was a member of the BTS Facebook group, had done a few of their blog hops and loved the chance to nab some reduced price advertising as a perk. Sounded like a great opportunity!

The BTS owners did an online radio show on Thursday and during the airing they dropped an interesting bit of news. BTS e-magazine had been picked up by Barnes and Noble. Hmm… What did that mean, exactly? I wasn’t sure other than the magazine could soon be read on Nooks. I  knew Amazon sold Kindle subscriptions to newspapers and magazines so I assumed something similar. Well, not quite. Here’s an excerpt from a post BTS made today:

“Book & Trailer Showcase (BTS) is proud to announce we are partnering with Barnes & Noble (B&N) to publish the BTS eMag.

“This is not simply B&N putting the eMag for sale, but they offered us a partnership. Meaning we will do our part and they will promote and put the eMag on all the devices to sell.

“Our family has been busting at the seams to share our news. We were surprised and pleased that B & N liked our little eMag. This is a HUGE deal to our family. We will be on the Nook e-book Newsstand along with old favorites like Cosmopolitan and Red book. We saw this as an opportunity to offer the authors inside our eMag the chance to be seen by a world-wide audience and expand readership for the magazine. Besides the U.S., BTS eMag will also be offered in the International markets of the UK and Europe. I hope fans of BTS eMag will join us on this journey going forward.”
Myra Nour, BTS CEO

Link to original post in full

They also noted that the September issue of BTS has been viewed over 39,000 times thus far. Wow! How amazing is this? Huge congratulations to Myra and Chris and all the other members of the BTS family. I am so thrilled be a part of what will hopefully be a most enlightening ride.

More to come in the weeks ahead! In the meantime, here is the September issue, the last of the bi-monthly issues because starting November, BTS will be published monthly:
CLICK TO GO TO ISSUU to see magazine

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