Weekend Writing Warriors: Nervous beginnings #8Sunday

www_tinyWelcome to Weekend Writing Warriors! This is the successor to Six Sentence Sunday.

As mentioned before, I have a new release coming out around April 30th called Purely Relative (The P.U.R.E., #1.5). I revealed the cover on February 28th. Last week’s eight featured sentences taken from The P.U.R.E. that were the genesis for my latest addition to Gayle’s adventures.

Here are the first eight sentences of Purely Relative told in Gayle’s POV:


Most people think meeting your boyfriend’s family is a hallmark of commitment. I’d have rather been committed than go to the Cripps’ for a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal. Oh, I loved a gluttonous turkey feast as much as anyone. The meal wasn’t the problem. Wondering how much Jon’s sister, Jenny, had shared about the night she met me kept me on a steady diet of fingernails and nerves.


Catching me and her little brother going at it in her guest bedroom probably wasn’t the best way for him to announce he’d traded in his longtime family friend/fiancée for some short blonde chick with a fat ass. I didn’t steal him from Thalia. He told me I didn’t.

Ooh…I think we can expect a little tension at that family get-together!

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25 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Nervous beginnings #8Sunday

  1. “He told me I didn’t.” ohhh, this just screams of something hidden in there. lol Meeting the in-laws. Always a harrowing experience. You captured it perfectly. Great snippet.

  2. LOVE the line about fingernails and nerves! 😀 And yeah, I’d be nervous, too. Great snippet, Claire. 🙂

  3. This sounds like a lot of fun. Congratulations on the upcoming release and the new cover–love it, btw! The old-fashioned pics in the background is a nice touch.

  4. I love the line about the diet of fingernails and nerves. I would not be looking forward to that family dinner, especially since she doesn’t sound so sure if she did steal him.

  5. Family get-togethers. Yikes!! You did a great job showing the tension and fright within her.

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