Weekend Writing Warriors: Lipstick for hussies #8Sunday

www_tinyWelcome to Weekend Writing Warriors! This is one of several successors to Six Sentence Sunday. I also post it as part of Snippet Sunday:


As mentioned before, I have a new release coming out around April 30th called Purely Relative (The P.U.R.E., #1.5). I revealed the cover on February 28th. Book trailer reveal will be this coming Thursday. I started sending out ARCs to reviewers last night. But enough about that. On with the eight!

Last week, I shared the very first eight sentences of the story. This week, I’ll give you a little more of Gayle’s stressing out over Thanksgiving with her boyfriend’s family. In the predecessor book, she and Jon were caught in flagrante delicto by one of Jon’s siblings who may or may not have blabbed to the rest of the family she has yet to meet. Gayle is in her bathroom applying the final touches to her makeup:


I shuddered and contemplated my lipstick shade. Harlot Red or Porn-Star Pink didn’t seem to be wise choices, nor did going natural.

“Gayle, are you about ready? We don’t wanna be late for the turkey carving.” Jon’s far-too-cheerful voice bled through my bathroom door.

Why was he so unaffected and happy? Didn’t he know they were probably going to hate me? In addition to not being Thalia, I was also responsible for getting him fired from the firm we both used to work for.

Heh-heh…poor Gayle.


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15 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Lipstick for hussies #8Sunday

  1. It sounds like she’s set herself up for a fun night – or she’s inventing demons where there are none. Great mess she’s gotten herself into, Claire. 😀

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