I haz some fun Purely Relative art!

So if you’ve been reading any of my alter ego’s posts, you’ll know I’ve been teaching myself Photoshop, well Photoshop Elements, anyway, the poor man’s version. I’ve come to enjoy making covers and advertising for my books.

With Purely Relative’s release date looming barely a month from now, I thought I’d go ahead and reveal a few more digital pieces I made to go with the book:  bookmarks (oh the irony…the book will be in ebook format only at this point in time), banner, blog tour button and advertisement. Being the one to design and create my own cover artwork is one of the reasons why I chose to self-publish. I am not an artist, but I’ve seen enough bad covers in my day to know what works for me and what doesn’t.

So, here are the goods:



Stay tuned for more exciting news about giveaways and other enticements!

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