Weekend Writing Warriors: Family Photos #8Sunday

www_tinyWelcome to Weekend Writing Warriors! This is one of several successors to Six Sentence Sunday. I also post it as part of Snippet Sunday:


As mentioned before, I have a new release coming out around April 30th called Purely Relative (The P.U.R.E., #1.5). Weekly eights from that story between now and release date!

Last time, I shared some of Gayle’s angst prepping to meet Jon’s family for a Thanksgiving meal. This week, Gayle and Jon have arrived at his parents’ mansion (she was expecting something a little more modest). Amongst her first observations are the plethora of photographs of Jon and the fiancee he broke up with before he started dating Gayle. Jon and his ex practically grew up together because their mothers did so in their native Italy and immigrated together to the US. Those shoes Gayle has stepped into are pretty large and daunting.


I couldn’t be upset with Jon. He was trying, but he had no sway over what his parents chose to display in their own home. I had no right to expect them to sweep a lifelong family friendship under the rug—or coffee table—at a moment’s notice.

We moved toward the back of the house. As we left the living room en route to the dining room, voices wafted in from the adjoining kitchen.

“…let him get her out of his system and all will end well,” came a heavily accented woman’s voice.

I glanced at Jon, who flushed up his neck and onto his cheeks. He gave a loud cough then yelled, “Hello, we’re here!”

Heh-heh…poor Gayle. A recurring theme in this one.



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  1. He better be able to handle his family, or move far, far away from them, if he wants to keep Gayle in his life. Good thing she’s being fair about the situation.

  2. Wow. What a thing to walk in on. I’d be tempted to turn on my heel, and head right back out the door. Great snippet. 🙂

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