Blogging from A to Z April Challenge — “K”


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I’m back! Did you miss me? I was on a Mexican cruise last week, but thanks for pre-scheduled posts, hopefully you didn’t even notice a difference other than I didn’t respond to comments (sorry about that).

Welcome to the “Regrettable Books A to Z™” nonsense. For those of you new to my series, this is 100% parody. You are more than welcome to laugh, snicker and guffaw at my amateurish photoshopping and blurb writing. Bad is good. Good is bad.

K is for Kitty.

I’m in the mood for another western. How about if I “borrow” and fuse a couple of old television shows from my youth and give them a modern twist of the old nipple clamps? Let’s see what you think…

The Tagline:

Where there’s smoke, there’s an inferno.

K4MarshallKittyThe blurb:

Miss Kitty has every reason to avoid Sheriff Marshall Dylan. He’s a man of the law and she’s a lawless lady of the evening, the madame of the local whorehouse, actually. Yet, their friendship, forged in the wilds of the Kansas territory when they were innocent teens, has endured. While their professions might put them at odds at night, during the day, their association is above reproach. Or is it?

When Marshall’s new deputy, Barney Phieffe stumbles across a tunnel beneath Kitty’s hotel, he makes a macabre discovery. The nude and very dead body found chained to the wall in a secret chamber is that of a notorious gunslinger last seen entering Miss Kitty’s saloon. All clues lead to Kitty as his murderer, but the sheriff is reluctant to arrest her. What Barney discovers as he digs deeper into Miss Kitty’s story will shock and horrify the town of Dodgeville.

Could the town’s own sheriff be in cahoots with its madame in deadly game of kink and mouse?

Gunsmoke meets Mayberry RFD meets Dexter! Yes, I have a twisted imagination because I would totally love to read or write this dark little tale of buffoonery and mayhem. If they can rewrite the Austen classics with zombies, turn Lincoln into a vampire, surely I can turn a lawman and a madame into the Bonnie and Clyde of kinky vigilantism.


Disclaimer: “Regrettable Books A to Z™” is a completely fictional (duh!) creation for parody purposes only. I have no product beyond what you see in this post. Photos are public domain or stock photos I have purchased. This is not a commercial purpose, however, I retain any and all creative story rights in the highly unlikely event I accidentally create something that might be worth a damn.