And thar she goes!

I just hit send on an email to ship My Fair Vampire off to two beta readers.  I’ve got a third I’ll be bugging sending to in another day or so.  Ahhh…  That’s one ROW80 goal pwned!!  Woo-hoo!

Now, if any of my New Mexican friends wanna beta read (for setting accuracy), give me a shout.

A blurb about the story is here.

Fun with Picnik–Createspace covers

I’ve been making novel covers for my free Createspace proof I’ll get as a result of my 2010 NaNoWriMo win.  I love what I was able to do with some free web images and Picnik.  Not my NaNo novel, but closest to being completed is this:

And for my 2010 NaNo novel:

And for a YA steampunk novel I haven’t even written yet (ha!):

Ain’t they purty.  I’m going to have mega-fun with this year’s cover!

By the way, here are the original pictures before I altered them:

Steampunk Flight by Zimfin (Deviant Art)