Last Night in Ghosttown (novella) coming this month! from Kathryn McKade

I’m thrilled to bring you a cover reveal of my longest suffering (with my stuff) beta reader, Kathryn McKade’s novella, Last Night In Ghosttown. I was thrilled to have beta read this one and I am absolutely recommending it because it’s that good. Love, loss and hope set in a far-flung, future Bharat empire. A sci-fi romance coming soon! (May 26 is what Goodreads says.)

LastNightinGhosttown_LargeCover art by Diogo Lando.


In the Maharajah’s Consortium every aspect of citizens’ lives is monitored by the GRID. Throughout the galaxy, on every planet: money, property, even lives are tracked by General Resource Interactive Display. Everywhere, that is, except for Ghosttown. Ghosttown: slum, theme park, holy city, the city that time forgot.

Enter Dev. In five days he leaves for Misra 7, a planet entrenched in a war so deadly it’s known as The House of Death. So it’s one last hurrah before he ships out.

Despite being on a strict time table, Dev allows a would-be thief, Rishi, talk him into handing out expensive med-gems to the sick and needy. What Rishi gets out of this, Dev doesn’t know. What he does know is that he keeps putting off his departure date, and he can’t deny that Rishi is the reason.

Does Dev stick around for Holi, help the people trapped in Ghosttown, and risk getting branded a deserter? Or should he clear out before he gives up his heart to Rishi?

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About the Author


Self-portrait by Kathryn McKade

Kathryn McKade is an artist, author and avid reader. She is drawn to stories of vivid, complex characters and exotic worlds of fantasy. She can usually be found wandering the otherworldly landscapes of northern Arizona, or online at Her alter ego’s artwork can be viewed at

AW Blog Chain November — The Blurb

This month’s prompt:
NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month (not affiliated with the real NaBloPoMo).

Write up a back cover blurb for a book you have written or would like to write. It should be short, sweet, yet give a sense of people and events without totally spoiling the ending.

I was preceded in the chain by MysteryRiter and Jarrah Dale will follow me.  A list of all the participants wraps up the post.  Give ’em all a read if you can!

My blurb is for a YA speculative fiction novel I want to write. I’ve written seven flash fictions (links on my flash fiction tab) featuring the both the “subby”, Garman, and the “cloudy”, Ruey, including one where the two protagonists meet, and have the general idea in my head, but that’s about it.  Oh, and I have the cover in mind…well, one possibility (see above) when I considered making it steampunk, which I still may.

Before I share, however, please remember that this is practice for me because blurbs and queries are the BANE of my writer’s existence.  Oy!


The surface of the Earth is uninhabitable, or so everyone has been saying for the past two millenia.  Sixteen year old Garman is among the fifty brave pilgrims annually allowed to leave the oppressive rulership of their subterranean world and take their chances above.  No matter what the surface holds, Garman would rather die free, than live enslaved.

Hovering nearly a mile above the dead landscape of Terra, an aerial city circumnavigates the Earth once per year.  During Ruey’s sixteenth orbit, she discovers her city is slowly falling, and those who know the truth have been disappearing. Ruey is certain her not-so-utopian society is hiding more than just the secret of their death spiral.

With the surface looming closer for those rising up and those falling down, two troubled, insular societies will clash at the horizon, and discover that fact is legend and legend is fact.

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