Lookee What I Got! NaNoWriMo Time is Nearly Here!

Ain’t she purty.  I’ve affixed her in my sidebar too for the duration.  Here’s what I entered at the NaNoWriMo site:

Novel:  Operation–Finish Your Damn WIPs

Genre: Other


I want to play but have no business starting a new novel until I finish a couple of in process projects including:

Last year’s NaNo novel, Sins of Our Mothers. This baby got me a win and I continued to write until I hit 60k, then stalled out. Estimated word count = 30k

Succubus Wiki–an A to Z short story anthology about a motley group of succubi. Estimated word count = 20k (this is my other pen name’s project)

And if I still have words remaining, I will start the sequel to My Fair Vampire, aka My Fair Phoenix. Estimated word count = 0 to ??

Writing begins in:

Aruba Villa Reviews

8 thoughts on “Lookee What I Got! NaNoWriMo Time is Nearly Here!

  1. Nano is such fun. 🙂 I will be writing Day After, the sequel to After Dark. Will be fun! I have no doubt you’ll fit 50k words in through your options above! 🙂

  2. “Operation–Finish Your Damn WIPs” is a great plan and will be a great accomplishment! I’m looking forward to my first NaNoWriMo. Will start with Lusted in Las Vegas the follow up of Marooned in Miami then move on to the saucy corporate story. Fun, fun!

    • Half the fun of NaNo is knowing everybody else is slaving away doing the same. I’m sure your first will have you back for more and more. My first NaNo remains my most memorable. Good luck to ya!

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