#ROW80 Rd 4 — wk 3, rpt 2

I wrote one of my blog posts for the week on my NaNo plan and added my participant’s badge to my sidebar.  I can’t believe it’s only slightly more than a week away!

Meanwhile, I just got a killer idea for my YA persona’s next project and it’s sooooo tempting to bag my current plan and go with it. BUT, my original plan is flexible enough to accommodate it later, if so inclined.

Otherwise, I’m still editing, editing, editing.  I’m also still crossing my fingers about my two outstanding submissions.

My goals and current stats for this round are on my ROW80-4 page.

The Linky site lists other participants’ progress reports.  Give them some encouragement too.


6 thoughts on “#ROW80 Rd 4 — wk 3, rpt 2

  1. Hi Claire – good call on finishing up your current piece rather than starting anew. I am constantly tempted to do the same!! But, eyes on the prize…

    Good luck with goals this week,

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