#ROW80 Rd 4 — wk 4, rpt 1

We’re in the final count down to NaNo!

I’m going to tweak my plan slightly.  I did hear from the publisher I submitted my superhero novella to.  They liked the concept and the plot but felt like the story parts other than the romance needed more development.  They invited me to resubmit it after a few more drafts.  Sooooo….up on the docket starting 11/1 will be another pass at Prometheus Unstitched.  It’s a cute story, dammit, so I want someone to adopt it but I guess a few more charm school and etiquette lessons to remove the hillbilly edges are required first.  Fine.  I’m nothing if not determined.

Other “stuff” is threatening to overwhelm me in these pre-liftoff days.  I have two additional intimacy scenes for my novel done (first’ish draft anyway) and am about halfway through the final one.  Editing-wise, I’m in the middle chapters.  The BLURB, however–she is DONE!!  ::::Claire takes a bow and blows kisses to her publisher:::::  Cover and blurb for The P.U.R.E. coming 11/14, I think, or somewhere thereabouts.

I also have to accomplish 41 hours of continuing professional education for my CPA license renewal before 11/30.  I started about a week ago.  Gulp.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute. Good news is, I’m super-human fast at online training courses.  I’ve worked my way through 21 hours’ worth in about a week.  Twenty to go.  Ideally, I would like to finish CPEs by 10/31 and ship off my paperwork and my $240(!!!) fee to the state of Texas shortly thereafter.

Then…my plate will be clear (mostly) for NaNo…except for maybe a couple of beta reads I owe and am scandalously and inexcusably delinquent on.

I hope I’m not exhausted before I even begin.

My goals and current stats for this round are on my ROW80-4 page.

The Linky site lists other participants’ progress reports.  Give them some encouragement too.

8 thoughts on “#ROW80 Rd 4 — wk 4, rpt 1

  1. Ha! As soon as I read the first line the song “final countdown” by Europe started playing in my head. At least they liked it well enough for a personal crit of the MS, not to mention their request for you to send it back to them in the future. That should make you feel good. Good luck with your training courses and NaNo too!

  2. Best of luck on getting all that done. And here’s to lots of energy for everyone participating in NaNo this year. (Not me. I’m working on existing stuff this time around.)

  3. Hey there! Sounds like your Nano docket is pretty full this year. I always think some day I’ll give it a go, but considering it’s taken me months to get anywhere on my 27k novella, I think I’ll give it a pass. Speed demon I’m not!

    And that’s great about getting some interest on “Prometheus.” If you need another set of eyes on it after retooling, just say the word.

    • Thanks, Silver! I might take you up on that offer to read. NaNo is more for the fun than the end product so I hope you give it a go one year. 🙂 I don’t create my best stuff for NaNo but that’s ok.

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