#ROW80 Rd 4 — wk 4, rpt 2

Two days until NaNo!

I’m not quite ready but I’m not worried about it. I did update my NaNo novel info this AM at the NaNo site to include my novella expansion and to swap out my next YA project for the sequel to an existing Claire novel if I still need words.

Still editing but I just dashed off the final intimacy scene to my editor for The PURE.

All 41 hours of my required continuing professional education for my annual CPA license renewal are complete.  Yay!  Huge relief to have that done.

I still need to finish my edits for The PURE and I’m expecting edits for my Christmas ditty to arrive any day now.  I know the anthology’s editor has been busy with all the stories of late.

My goals and current stats for this round are on my ROW80-4 page.

The Linky site lists other participants’ progress reports.  Give them some encouragement too.

19 thoughts on “#ROW80 Rd 4 — wk 4, rpt 2

  1. Best of luck with NaNo… I’m sitting out (I’m co-authoring a book, so it doesn’t quite work), but hope to do it in 2012! I’m planning on being the best NaNo cheerleader, though! 😉 *rah, rah* and best wishes for NaNo.

  2. Congrats on the CPA!!! Whoo Hoo!! Lot’s of stress gone with that one, I’m sure. Hope J. Taylor is treating you well. they seem like a great bunch over there.

    I’ll try to flit over to Scrib tomorrow. I’ve been bad and have not checked in awhile.

    Good luck with NaNo. I’ll be checking in with you there, too, to make sure you’re doing okay and haven’t collapsed from exhaustion or ripped all your hair out. 🙂

    • Hey, Jen! Thanks for the congrats and the well-wishes. I’m finishing up my edits for J Taylor, who has been lovely thus far, but it will overlap with NaNo until the middle of the month. At least the old license is renewed though. I dashed that puppy off with my $$ yesterday. Yay!

  3. Congrats on the CPA! I wish I could do NaNo, but I work a lot during November. They really need to add a second, less busy month to that. Good luck!

    • Thanks, Nikki. I think they actually do have another, less official NaNo earlier in the year. They don’t reset the site for it or offer the same support network, but I’ve seen it mentioned, just like Edit WriMo or whatever it’s called, the thingy on the heels of NaNo where you edit your NaNo novel for a month.

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