Count-down to The P.U.R.E.!

Sorry I’ve been AWOL for a few days. The P.U.R.E. releases in twenty-six (26) days, less than a month! I’ve got a busy schedule looming but thought I’d give you a preview of where I’ll be “hopping” around to and what will be happening at this site in the weeks ahead.

Tomorrow, March 11th, a little NaNo novel I wrote in 2009, that an alter ego stole and contracted with Evernight Publishing to publish in May, makes a brief appearance in Six Sentence Sunday. “That” person added a fun little twist to the usual six sentence fare.  Her post goes live around 4 AM Pacific on Sunday.  It’ll be a fun way to celebrate the loss of an hour when the clocks spring forward.

First up for me though is I’ll be hosting the witty and entertaining Regan Summers on March 13th.

On March 16th, come visit my alter ego’s blog for a St. Patrick’s Day blog hop.  She has a VERY spicy, adults only, free read if you like that sort of thing.  If not, Happy St. Paddy’s day early!

On March 20th, my long time writing buddy, Miss Aimee Laine, will visit me to talk about the world featured in her latest paranormal romance release, Hide and Seek.

April 1st kicks off a month of daily posts inspired by the letters of the alphabet, the Blogging A to Z Challenge.  The challenge for me is to maintain the blistering pace of a seven day a week posting schedule (if you include my weekly Six Sentence Sunday post) while also doing interviews at others’ blogs.  One of my posts will be my Erma Bombeck contest entry.  It didn’t win but I thought it a worthy effort and hope you’ll enjoy it too. My other posts will be about anything and everything, but I promise a few short stories, maybe a few drabbles, a few curmudgeonly rants–my usual schtick.

Come visit me here April 6th through 9th for a Happy Easter blog hop (see sidebar).  I’ll have a giveaway and there will also be some really sweet prizes given away by the collective blogging participants in the hop.

On April 14th, I’ll be guest blogging for author Diane Kelly at Killer Fiction, about what I’ve no idea yet, but I’ll try and make it something fun. I found Diane at Erma Bombeck’s site. A kindred spirit, she’s also a CPA who writes romantic mysteries featuring CPAs, only the heroine of her series, “Death, Taxes and _____“, is a tax specialist.

APRIL 16th is THE DAY! — my novel’s birthday. My publisher, J Taylor Publishing, will be giving away a free copy of my book.  Yay!

Three blog interviews will round out my first week of release. You’ll be able to find me at Avery Flynn‘s blog, Reviewing Shelf and J.C. Martin‘s blog.

During the week of April 23rd, I’ll be at J.A. Belfield‘s, Aimee Laine‘s and Shieka‘s blogs.

The week of April 30th, you’ll find me at the blogs of Sandra Bunino, Emi Gayle, Luci D’Andrea, and Julie Reece.

Reviews by Molly and The Artsy Reader Girl will play hosts the week of May 7th.

That’s what’s scheduled right now, at least. Throw in a Spring Break trip to California with the family (including tickets to see Jay Leno) and a business trip to Vegas, and I’ll be tuckered out.

Then come June 4th, I’ll start all over again with the Tidal Whispers anthology that includes my story, “The Sweetest Song”.

Oh, and during May, my other me will be busy with her debut novella release from Evernight Publishing, that book she stole from me, All’s Fair in Love and War. (at linked site, scroll to the bottom)

Thank goodness for the ability to schedule posts is all I have to say. Nevetheless, you’ll all be right sick of me before summer even begins.

I’ve got it all nice and neat on my calendar tab too. Google is my best friend these days.  Cheers!

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