#ROW80 Rd 4 — wk 6, rpt 1

Still clicking along with NaNo.  I find that writing short stories for my words is in some ways harder and in other ways easier than a single novel.  It’s harder in that I have to come up with multiple beginnings, multiple middles and multiple endings.  It’s easier in that the stories stay fresh in my head, are are easier to return to because of the variety.  Of the seven short stories I need to write for my anthology, I’ve completed four and am nearly finished with the fifth.

I got my two weekly blog posts done too.

My novel edits have not been touched in a week.  Oy!  They are due 11/17 and I seem to be shoving them into my vacation time all next week…well, by Thursday anyway.

Only four more days until the cover and back blurb reveal for my novel!

Looks like I’ll have a cover reveal for my other pen name’s Christmas anthology soon with much attendant fanfare planned.  THOSE edits I finished lickety split and returned.  All praise to the short story (and a one week deadline)!

My goals and current stats for this round are on my ROW80-4 page. I’ve added a NaNoWriMo widget from the site now that they are (finally!) available.

The Linky site lists other participants’ progress reports.  Give them some encouragement too.


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