#ROW80 Rd 4 — wk 6, rpt 2

I added my long awaited NaNo widget to my ROW80 stats page, but I don’t like seeing 3 yellow blocks in week 2.  My daily average dropped below 1667, mostly because I took yesterday to edit vs. write new material.  Still, I ended up writing new material for my novel so I counted that for NaNo and that’s all that kept me at yellow and not red for yesterday.

I have next week off though and plan some major writing then…after I get a new driver’s license.  Glerg. Wonder if I can still pull off subtracting twenty pounds…hmm.

I got my two weekly blog posts done plus one to grow on.

Only ONE more day until I can reveal the cover and back blurb for my novel!  Woo-hoo!

I received my cover for my other pen name’s Christmas anthology day before yesterday, but, alas, I cannot yet reveal it until we work out the attendant fanfare amongst the contributing authors.

[[Begin Rant]] I’m happy to note that there are only ten contributing authors, which means for the FIRST TIME, I won’t be left off the author list for the work at Amazon.  I can’t tell you how disappointing it is to finally publish something, but because the publisher didn’t include your name in the info sent to Amazon OR because you were the eleventh or higher contributor, you got left out in the cold. Amazon policy.  I’ve challenged it already with tepid at best results.  Searches on my pen name will bring up my author page but NOT my anthology.  If you go to my author page, there is a link to my anthology but who goes there looking for books by an author?  I don’t. I look at what the search results bring back.  Ok, I’ll end my ranting now.  This has just really hurt my already-stomped-into-the-dust-just-getting-to-publication writerly feelings and I gotta vent (yet more than I already have). [[End Rant]]

My goals and current stats for this round are on my ROW80-4 page.

The Linky site lists other participants’ progress reports.  Give them some encouragement too.

9 thoughts on “#ROW80 Rd 4 — wk 6, rpt 2

  1. Honestly, I think they should change the name of NaNo to “50k in a month” because according to the rules they list it doesn’t have to be a novel or even intelligible for that matter. Regardless, great job on your week. It is very encouraging to see you so close to achieving some things that I can tell you worked very hard for.

    The whole Amazon thing, wow, I’d have ranted too although I doubt it would have been publishable so kudo’s on keeping your anger in “clean read” format. It would seem smarter, when there are 10 or more authors, to simply provide a link to a full listing and actually provide the author name as Many, Multiple or Various. Possibly the anthology editor that compiled everything, but to leave out an author is an insult (as if some are better then others for ambiguous reasons). Your experience does provide good training for the rest of us and I’m glad you filled us in on yet another mine in the publishing minefield.

    Excited to see your new cover and blurb. I’ll be sure to stop back in on Wednesday.

    Have a great coming week, Claire 🙂

    • Well, their written policy on anthologies is to tag the work to the editor (huh??) and not any of the authors…at least that’s what they told me the first time it happened, though they did end up adding me to the print version but NOT the Kindle version cause they’d already listed like 4 of the 30 something authors. So, on that one, because I wheedled and cajoled, I got something vs. nuthin. I get that 30 something authors might be a bit much but I think the idea of “Multiple” then a list under the cut, so to speak, would be better than a short list. My second time, they told me “no more than 10” and there were 13 of us, so me and 2 others got left off. All stuff I’d never dreamed of before too because frankly I’d not really considered doing anthologies until fairly recently.

      I think 50k month would be apt for those who write regularly but it gives a bit of cache to the first-timers, so fun for all. 🙂

  2. wow – one would think amazon would have it more together than that at this stage in the game. glad the new anthology is working out more in your favor.

    good luck with nano and row this week!

  3. Goodness! I’m sorry you’re having so many issues with Amazon. Don’t let those yellow blocks get you down. Make the rest of the month green with envy 😉

  4. Well you have a right to be angry that you got cut off. And that’s a stupid thing for Amazon to do. :-/ Hope you get some answers that are more than tepid.

    Good luck with catching up on your NaNo.

    • Yeah, Amazon…sigh…they say it’s overwhelming for the readers to see too many names with the title. I’m sure they also picked the 10 who had other products for sale, which most of my peers did, but I did not. So from a marketing standpoint, I get it. Still don’t like it though. sigh… ***shakes fist at Amazon*** they’ll be sorry one day though, surely they will :p

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