Weekend Writing Warriors: Meet Gayle’s Brother, Ian #8Sunday

www_tinyWelcome to Weekend Writing Warriors! This is one of several successors to Six Sentence Sunday. I also post it as part of Snippet Sunday:


As mentioned before, I have a new release coming out on April 30th called Purely Relative (The P.U.R.E., #1.5). Weekly eights from that story between now and release date!

One of the key themes in this story is family—Jon’s and Gayle’s. We’ve already had glimpses of several of Jon’s family members–his sister, Jenny and her fiance, Scott, his brother, Jason, Jon’s parents and family friends. But Gayle has a family member who also factors into the story: her oldest brother, Ian, who lives in Houston. She has three older brothers, one whom, Gordon, is her twin.


In Ian’s eyes, I was always the offending party. To a certain extent, I resented him for that blind faith he placed in Gordon. I wanted some of it, too.

On the other hand, Ian was the one who made the most fuss when I did something that amazed him. He was the one who first dragged me out to the gun range, unbeknownst to our father, and had me firing at targets. I think when I behaved more like a boy than a girl, Ian loved me most. When I did girly things or went off with our mother, it was like I gravely disappointed him. Yet, Ian was the only one who offered to come visit me at Thanksgiving, a day late because he’d enjoyed a meal at a “friend’s” house.

So, you can kind of sense Gayle’s underdog roots from the way she describes her sibling relationships.



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  1. Ah, family. They bring out the best and the worst in us. Sounds like she’s got good brothers. 🙂

  2. Wow, it sounds like that relationship is complicated. Ian loves Gordon as is, but wants his sister to be more like a boy. Hard to live up to. Good snippet, Claire. 🙂

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